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Between The Waves: Avett Brothers and Butch Vig!

Got to witness an amazing Q&A plus performance by the Avett Brothers today! Also a group Skype session with Butch Vig. Really enjoying this conference. If you have a chance to go next year, you should not miss it!

Between the Waves: Madison

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a music festival and conference coming up next week in Madison. I’m excited to attend. It promises to be an excellent time! Interesting presentations by Butch Vig and Ben Sidran. Get all the details at

Ms. Wilson

The track “Ms. Wilson” from my upcoming album “The Talesman” is now available on my bandcamp site! Hopefully this will whet your appetite for the album’s release in September!

Record Completed!

“The Talesman” is finished and mastered! I’m very excited. Vinyl purchasers can be excited too because I’ll be able to send the full uncompressed files to press the LP. As such, the vinyl will have basically no sound-loss compared with the studio versions. Thanks to Mark Whitcomb at DNA for great work. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter release information!

Here’s the final track list:
1. Doubt
2. Ms. Wilson
3. The Quisling
4. My Brother The Myth
5. Joe
6. Bootstraps
7. Mississippi Farewell
8. The Ballad Of Arlo The Seagull

“The Talesman” finishing touches

“The Talesman” is nearly complete! While that feels like a relief — it’s not quite over yet. At the end of April I have one more session to finalize mixes and work on mastering. I’m hoping to press vinyl and CDs by the end of the summer! I think a vinyl release will be a perfect match for Rhea‘s excellent art. Stay tuned!

Wisconsin Creates

I attended the Wisconsin Creative Summit yesterday which was hosted by Arts Wisconsin. An great program overall. It was refreshing to see so many people involved in the arts from all over Wisconsin. I chatted with folks from as far as Ashland — home of Big Top Chautaugua! There was a lot of discussion about the “Wisconsin Creates” bill that will be introduced this session. The goal of that initiative is to provide matched seed-money for creative work throughout the state. If you want to know more about that, I would watch the Arts Wisconsin page. I also attended an excellent presentation by Roy Elkins of Broadjam and an wonderful performance of Brahms’ Sonatas by Wen-Lei Gu and Catherine Kautsky from Appelton, Wisconsin.

In other news, more studio time this weekend! On track for a late summer release of “The Talesman”!

Tuvalu Songwriter Showcase

Went out to Tuvalu Coffee House and Gallery last night for the monthly songwriters showcase hosted by the Madison Songwriters Guild. It was a fun night. Dana Perry and Jim Barnard were the main attractions. I performed “The Ballad of Arlo the Seagull” — from the forthcoming album “The Talesman” along with “Carriage” from my first record. It was fun to get out and stretch from all the recording. I’m back in the studio this weekend!

February is Finish My Album Month

The last two years I’ve participated in FAWM, which stands for February Album Writing Month. This year, however, while I’ll be on the site cheering others on with their writing, I’m going to be in the studio putting the finishing touches on my new album The Talesman. So, no FAWM for me. But a few of my previous FAWM songs are going to be featured on this new disc. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

If you haven’t heard of FAWM, you can learn more or sign up here!

Prepping for the Studio

With the successful Frequency show behind me, I’m planning to work on the next record in earnest. I’ve scheduled studio time for November and am working on finalizing arrangements.

For those of you who have been making the performances, the record will contain a number of songs you’ve been hearing: Joe, Bootstraps, The Quisling etc. I’m looking forward to hearing how they will come out in the studio!

One of the most exciting aspects of the new record for me is that I’ve retained excellent local artist, Rhea Ewing, to do the artwork! The bottom line is that the whole project promises to be amazing — so, stay tuned!

Frequency Photos

Had a great show with Alli and I and Gentle Brontosaurus! Here are a few photos from the performance!